Dog Care Services: Helping You To Give Your Dog It’s Best Life

We know that your dog’s happiness and health are important to you. That is why we put this at the centre of everything we do at Jolly Paws. With our dog care services we take the time to get to know your dog so that we can tailor our services to their needs and enjoyment!

Canine Massage Therapy

From arthritis through to anxiety, massage can help with a number of different problems. Regular massage assists with healing, developing muscle tone and aids in pain relief,particularly in elderly and injured dogs. The results of massage allow your dog to walk, exercise and even relax more comfortably, overall improving the quality of their life.

Our massage therapy page is under construction, so get in contact for more information!

Weekend & Evening Dog and Puppy Day Care

Here at Jolly Paws we believe that day care should be a home away from home for your dog. That is why we keep our day care groups to a size no bigger than 3. This allows your dog plenty of one-on-one time with the carer, friends to play with and the space to have some alone time if they need it.

We put the time into getting to know both you and your dog so we can tailor our service for your dog's needs. This is why we always arrange free meet and greets in advance of starting day care with us. This includes a visit to where your dog would be staying so you can assess if Jolly Paws is suitable for your dog.

Our doggy day care services include:

- Fully secure private garden
- Beds, toys, food bowls, pooper bags, treats and leads all provided
- Up to 2 walks a day through a variety of engaging environments, such as woods, parks and shrub land
- Close supervision from our carer, who will use language and training that is consistent with what you use at home
- Company of other dogs that are known to the carer
- Flexible drop off and pick up service

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Weekend & Evening Dog Sitting and Home Visits

Dogs are very sociable animals, so being left alone for long periods of time can be an upsetting experience for them. Sometimes though, no matter how much we love our dogs, there are times we do need to be away from home for several hours. Jolly Paws can help with this though!

With our flexible home visits service, we can provide your dog with company whilst you are away. From cuddles to playing their favourite games, we will make sure your dog gets the social interaction it needs.

With our free pre-booking meet and greets, we will visit you and your home so you and your dog can get to know our carer, and we can understand how to tailor the visit to your dog's needs.
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Weekend & Evening Dog Walking - Pack and Solo

Walks are one of the most enriching experiences for dogs, not to mention providing them with their much-needed daily exercise. But fitting in dog walks around a busy schedule can be tough - particularly in the colder and darker months. This is where Jolly Paws can step in!

Our dog walking service allows your pooch to get their daily exercise whilst you are away at work. Not only do we get them out of the house, but we make sure their walk is full of a variety of engaging experiences for them, such as different terrains to explore, smells to sniff and games to play.

So as to ensure your dog is having the best experience, we keep our pack walking to groups no bigger than 3. This allows us to get to know each individual dog.

We also offer solo walks for dogs who suffer from anxiety. Our carer will take the time to understand their triggers and either work through them or avoid them where necessary, so your dog can walk in comfort.

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